Membership of Brighton Belle Sailing Club gives low-cost* use of our yacht Brighton Belle, a 55ft Oyster ketch. The boat is owned, sailed and maintained by the club members.

Brighton Belle is operated as a Pleasure Vessel - i.e. it is used only for sport and recreation and not commercial gain.

We are a diverse group of people with a wide range of sailing experience and ability. Membership of the club gives us the opportunity to sail with like-minded people who share our passion for sailing.

*members pay only a small daily charge and share mooring fees and daily living expenses whilst on board.   


The club is perfect for those who love to sail and...

  • can’t afford to purchase and run a luxury yacht of their own
  • whose families or friends do not share their passion
  • want to do long-distance cruises
  • are new to sailing and want to build their confidence by sailing with others
  • who love the sociability of sailing with a group
  • who want the fun of sailing without all the financial and time commitments of being solely responsible for running a yacht.

Membership of the club gives the opportunity to share and sail a beautiful ocean-going yacht.

The club enables members to meet one another, learn from each other, develop friendships and enjoy the camaraderie that develops through shared experiences within a sailing environment.
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Sailing with the Club

In a typical year Brighton Belle will be in Brighton Marina over the winter and spring months (November – April) while we use her for weekend and day/evening sails, light permitting. Brighton Belle undergoes a winter maintenance period from January to March.

For for the summer sailing season we organise a ‘chain cruise’, where the yacht will travel further afield and skippers and crews will change at pre-designated times and locations – a sort of ‘cruise relay’ which enables us to reach more distant shores. The locations and lengths of cruises will reflect the interests of the members.

Typically this will be a long-distance cruise divided into one- or two-week sections, to the Western Isles of Scotland, for example. This might involve a cruise along the south coast to Falmouth, a crew changeover at Falmouth, followed by a week to Dublin, a crew change there, on to Oban followed by a number of weeks with different members enjoying cruises of one or two weeks around the Western Isles, before delivery trips back to the Solent in September.

We have also sailed further afield, with two extended trips along the west coast of France, on to Spain and Portugal – and then across to Madeira and to the the Canaries for a winter sailing season.

Once the destinations and dates have been agreed, the cruise details are made available to all club members who can choose when and where they would like to join the boat. Places are secured on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, though we do try to take into account individual personal time and date restrictions due to family or work factors.

As Brighton Belle will usually be on a long-distance cruise during the summer, day and evening sails are not often available but there may also be social events at Brighton Marina Yacht Club. These events are also promoted via our events calendar.


Being a member of Brighton Belle Sailing Club entitles you to sail on any or all of the planned cruises. While you are on board you will pay a low day sailing rate (currently just £45 per day). Apart from that there are no ongoing costs of membership: no yearly membership fee, no payments for maintenance and upkeep of the yacht. These are paid for out of the sailing fees received. Read that last bit again to let it sink in.

That's right! Very low cost ownership and sailing on an Oyster 55!

Still think there must be a catch? Contact us. If you would like to talk to one of our members about their experiences of being part of the club, please email our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including your name and telephone number and we will give you a call.

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